Flurona&New corona variant B.1.640.2 identified

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Flurona&New corona variant B.1.640.2 identified

B.1.640.2 was discovered in a traveler returning from Cameroon and has even more mutations than Omicron. And a first Flurona case has occurred in Israel.

Just when we thought things were looking up at least a little, because the omicron variant, while being more contagious, often takes a milder course than delta,  a new variant emerged. We do not yet know how dangerous it is or where it originated.

The new variant was detected in early December in a traveler who returned to France from Cameroon, the hospital IHU Mediterrannee in Marseille announced. The returnee from Cameroon reportedly infected 12 people in southern France.

Even more mutations than omicron

This new mutant, called B.1.640.2, has 46 mutations in an atypical combination,   several more mutations than omicron, which has 37, according to a preprint study that has not yet been peer-reviewed.   

According to this study, the two already known spike protein mutations N501Y and E484K are also found in the new corona variant. The N501Y mutation, for example, was detected very early in the alpha variant. It causes the pathogen to bind more strongly to human cells and thus to spread more easily in the body.

E484K is one of the escape mutations located directly in the spike protein and thus probably affects the COVID vaccines effectiveness.

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